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Delivering anti-cancer drugs beyond the blood-brain barrier


Founded in 2010, CarThera is a clinical stage company that develops first-in-class medical devices using therapeutic ultrasounds to treat severe brain disorders (Glioblastoma, Brain Metastasis, Alzheimer’s Disease). The company is developing the SonoCloud Device, an implant emitting Low Intensity Pulsed Ultrasound (LIPU) to temporarily open the blood-brain barrier (BBB) on demand, thus enabling the targeted delivery of a higher concentration of therapeutics agents into the brain, up to therapeutic levels (5 to 7 times more than what is possible today). Its LIPU technology can physically increase the permeability of the blood vessels by a mechanism of action that is safe and reversible, allowing molecules to be delivered towards infiltrating brain tumor cells that are normally protected by the BBB. The SonoCloud is offering for the first time in decades a means for clinicians to delay the recurrence and to prevent disease worsening in severe brain disorders like glioblastoma. The efficacy of chemotherapies will be increased. Encouraging results from a first-in-man were recently published in prestigious medical journals. It could also give a second chance to some of the hundreds of drugs against brain tumors that have been abandoned and allow existing, approved oncology drugs to be repurposed for brain tumors, greatly accelerating clinical translation and potential patient benefit. The DOMEUS project is at a pivotal moment, where CarThera is gathering data from an international (American/French), multi-center, pilot clinical study with an enlarged version of the device (SonoCloud-9). The DOMEUS project will allow CarThera to carry out a pivotal phase 2b/3 clinical trial, to industrialize the implant and to prepare for international market introduction in 2023. CarThera will transform from a clinical-stage company to a commercial-stage company, leading the new global market of in ultrasound-mediated drug delivery devices for brain diseases.

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