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Zawartość zarchiwizowana w dniu 2024-05-27

Foldable, adaptive, steerable, textile wing structure for aircraft emergency recovery and heavy load delivery


The project is aimed at investigating technologies required for precise and autonomous aerial delivery of heavy loads from 500 kg to 10 tons. This technology will be used to improve aircraft survivability using future recovery systems, for guided aerial delivery of aid goods in crisis areas as well as for humanitarian aid in areas without a runway for large transport airplanes. Advanced aerodynamic methods for the numerical layout as well as enhanced simulation techniques of thin textile wing structures will be developed. A new concept will be investigated. Deployment techniques, steerability and adapativity to variable loads of the structure will be addressed in the research work. Wind tunnel test of models will lead to validated numerical design tools and to a recovery and aerial delivery concept. The applicability of the concept will be demonstrated in a final full scale flight test.

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