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Intelligent monitoring of kitchens


The consortium will develop a high performance, distributed, real-time, low-cost, fully configurable system that supports 'plug and play' installation, monitoring and control of catering equipment (I'MOK Compliant Route-map) at both a kitchen specific level (LAN Control Station) and across networks of food establishments (WAN Control Station). This will automate device status, intelligent monitoring and control to leverage a step-change in operational efficiency leading to an increase in compliance with safe food storage and cooking procedures, resulting in a significant reduction in the build up of harmful bacteria, energy wastage and cost associated with utilisation of catering equipment in diverse kitchen environments

The consortium has defined detailed economic, industrial and social measurable objectives to be achieved.

Work description:
The work has been divided into these work packages,

WP1: Design and development of the I'MOK compliant controller route-map and its implementation in up to 6 example device controllers

WP2: Design and development of the software code and GUI interfaces resulting in the construction of the LAN Controller and LAN Alerter tools.

WP3: Develop the WAN Controller and WAN Alerter tools, with back-office supporting databases facilitating communication with one or more LAN Controllers

WP4: Integration of the developed components into an alpha-release system ready for use through the Case Studies via the development of the LAN/WAN Connection Bridge.

WP5: Prepare a set of case studies to evaluate and illustrate the benefits of the I'MOK system. Demonstrate effectiveness of the I'MOK Compliant Controller Route-map, LAN Controller, LAN Alerter, WAN Controller, WAN Alerter and LAN/WAN Connection Bridge.

WP6: Affect an optimum transfer of the expertise generated and the information gathered to the members of the project. To give support in applying this knowledge to the partners in the consortium.

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