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Advanced combustion and gasification of fuel blends and diagnostics of alkali and heavy metal release


Studies and tests with different industrial wastes will be performed in order to gain detailed knowledge about the occurrence, handling and upgrading of textile and plastic wastes.
Fuels will be prepared and blended from different fractions derived from waste sorting for gasification and combustion with hard coal, brown coal, lignite, peat, biomass, etc., in order to study the environmental impact.
Alkali evaporation leads to significant problems in power plant operation: corrosion, fouling or plugging of pipes, valves and eventually also turbomachinery. These problems are even more pronounced when biofuels or waste-derived fuels are fired.
Technical Approach
The following main items will be addressed:
- Determination and characterization of industrial wastes with regard to physical and chemical characteristics and methods for fuel preparation (sorting, separation, shredding, grinding, etc.) in ecologically and economically sound ways.
- Upgrading and blending with coal, variation of coal/waste ratios and supply to the partners performing the combustion/gasification tests of representative fuel blends from wastes and coal.
- Determination of logistic and economic principles of fuel blend preparation (transport, storage, location for the preparation facilities). - Residue Valorization Concepts.
- Alkali Sensor Market Study.
- Alkali diagnostics measuring campaigns and evaluation.
- Techno-Economic Assessment Studies.
Expected Achievements and Exploitation
There is strong interest on the part of the industrial users in exploiting the results to obtain an environmentally compatible, low cost, high quality fuel and, on the part of industrial producers, in proving the operability of the fuel blends and finding new markets. The techno-economic studies will give information on the marketing possibilities. The commercial interests with respect to marketing, design and production of the fuel blends lie with the waste producer and fuel blend manufacturers. Deliverables of the alkali diagnostics component are hardware and software: improved analyzers, components and techniques, data, conclusions and methods for online alkali measurements. The detailed know-how obtained during the measuring campaigns thus will be immediately exploited by technology developers and will be of benefit in commercialization.

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