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Burden of disease in old people


The list of publications was collected mainly for use within the project to examine the current state of knowledge on disability in old age. This list has been incorporated in the background document ( It was also used as a reference list for researchers wishing to familiarize themselves further with the methodology and data of the studies participating in the BURDIS network project. No active plans for dissemination have been made for this document.
Proceedings of the annual meetings describe the scientific content addressed within the BURDIS project. There are no plans to actively disseminate the proceedings, but persons wishing to read these documents can access them at
The scientific manuscripts prepared in the BURDIS project addressed key aspects of the disablement processes in which knowledge gaps were identified. These articles will be disseminated through the journals in which they appeared. The main results included in these articles have been used in the writing of the final report on conclusions and recommendations document.
The final report synthesizes current knowledge of disability in old age based on results from established studies and new studies carried out in the BURDIS network. The report presents conclusions on the current state of knowledge within various areas of old age disability and recommendations for research and practical work, as well as options for policy-making. Plans have been made to disseminate this report through NGOs in various EU countries as well as WHO. The report is hoped to be a valuable source in the formulation of research and practical policies regarding disability in old age. The recommendations may be of interest to governmental and voluntary health organisations, and to policy-makers as well as elderly individuals. The report is available electronically at
The data documentation report has been designed for use within the network project to describe the data sets existing within the different member centres. It was used during the course of the project as a basic tool for researchers to familiarize themselves with the methods used and data collected in the different projects participating in the BURDIS project. Prior to the future use of data described in this document, the availability of and accessibility to data has to be checked first with respective principal investigators, whose contact information is included in the report. The report is available at under the name background document.