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Optimised Electric Network Architectures and Systems for More-Electric Aircraft


Report on M2EA battery pack concept

This report will document the M2EA battery module and pack concept including assessment of electrical performance and thermal management aspects The M2EA battery pack simulation model will be delivered as FMU

Advanced Electric Machines Technologies Report

The outcome of the trade studies and preliminary analysis of new key technologies for highpower compact airborne electrical machines will be summarized All the different electrical machine modular configurations studied and their performance resulting from the added degrees of current control freedom will be reported Performance in terms of fault tolerance capability ability of higher power density and ability for harmonic and vibration cancellation will be detailed

State-of-the-art Review Report

This Deliverable will report the results of intensive technological review related to the modular TBBs for M2EA EPS

V&V Plan

Detailed VV Plan will be provided setting TRL targets for M2EA configuration and basic principles behind VV The plan will also include a Compliance Matrix reporting the means of compliance for each identified requirement

Battery material and pouch cell specification

This report will document the specifications of the selected electrochemistry the prototype pouch cells to be manufactured and updates on achievable performances

Project website

A project website will be set up within 3 months of the project start to promote the project and its results to the scientific and technological community This will be continuously updated to include the latest news on the project and its progress


Towards a large frequency spectrum electromagnetic shielding characterization

Autorzy: Charles JULLIEN, Anca DIEUDONNE
Opublikowane w: More Electric Aircraft 2021 conference proceedings, 2021
Wydawca: More Electric Aircraft 2021 conference

AC/DC Converter Topologies Comparison for More Electric Aircraft Applications

Autorzy: Fatma Khera, Chris Gerada, Serhiy Bozhko, Patrick Wheeler
Opublikowane w: Southern Power Electronics Conference 2022, 2022
Wydawca: Southern Power Electronics Conference
DOI: 10.1109/spec55080.2022.10058465

Innovative High Frequency Harness Shielding Design Part 1 and 2.

Autorzy: Charles Jullien, Anca Dieudonne
Opublikowane w: IEEE EMC +SIPI Conference, 2023
Wydawca: ResearchGate

A New Analytic Approach to Reduce PAPR in Short-frame OFDM Sensors' Network

Autorzy: Patrick Thomas, Raouia Ghodhbane, Oscat d'Almeida
Opublikowane w: GLOBECOM 2022-2022 IEEE Global Communications Conference, 2022
Wydawca: Research Gate
DOI: 10.1109/globecom48099.2022.10000977

A Real-Time Simulation Framework for Powerline Communications in More-Electric Aircraft and Spacecraft

Autorzy: Vittorio U. Castrillo, Ivan Iudice, Domenico Pascarella, Gianpaolo Pigliasco, Angela Vozella
Opublikowane w: 2023 IEEE International Workshop on Metrology for AeroSpace, 2023
Wydawca: Metro Aerospace

Forthcoming High Performance All-Solid-State Pouch Cell

Autorzy: Ajjan, Fatima Nadia; Amores, Marco; Zhang, Ningxin; Jahn, Marcus
Opublikowane w: 2022
Wydawca: AIT
DOI: 10.5281/zenodo.6810043

Other communication and dissemination activities

Autorzy: ORCHESTRA partners
Opublikowane w: 2023
DOI: 10.5281/zenodo.7752409

Heat & species map prediction for the generic MEA using an air node model derived from high level requirements

Autorzy: Matheis, C., Norrefeldt, V.
Opublikowane w: Journal of Physics, Issue Volume 2526, 12th EASN International Conference on Innovation in Aviation and Space for opening new horizons, 2023, ISSN 1742-6596
Wydawca: IOP Publishing
DOI: 10.1088/1742-6596/2526/1/012059

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