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Centreless grinding simulation part II


The industrially applied centreless grinding and especially centreless through-feed grinding process is characterised by its complexity and sensibility. This process is used for mass-production of rotationally symmetric workpieces such as valves and piston rods. Up to 150.000 workpieces can be produced per hour with this process. The aim of CEGRIS II is to minimise the long set-up times of this process in order to enhance manufacturing productivity of European companies by at least 40%. By reducing the set-up time of the centreless grinding a higher process flexibility can be obtained which again increases the productivity. This goal is approached by developing a 3D model of the very complex centreless through-feed grinding process. This model will then be used to develop a software tool that will enable not only to help set up the machine tool but will also be able to predict the process outcome by pre-setting a given machine set-up. This software tool, and the 3D model will also be embedded in a cave-environment for a visualisation of the workpiece "travel" through the grinding gap. This can be used for process demonstration and also for specifying machining problems. Together with the software tool and the 3D model the cave-embedded simulation represents the outmost edge of technology. Another very important goal of CEGRIS II is the drastic reduction of water-pollution by about 80%. Using a new filtering system and again pushing the boundaries of the state-of-the-art in this project this goal will be aimed at. The challenge in this project can be seen in enhancing European competitiveness in a global market that is dominated by low-wage countries. By enhancing the productivity of the centreless through-feed grinding process that is used in numerous machining processes this goal can be met. It can even be estimated that this project will bring Europe into a leading position in this sector of production.

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