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Monitoring Ideas Regarding Research Organizations and Reasons in Science


The 2000 Lisbon Conference claimed to make the EU “the most competitive knowledge-based society and economy” by 2010. Our project is designed as a contribution to the achievement of such an ambitious goal. Our research project divides into two parts. The first part involves coordinating and analyzing descriptive models concerning the relationship between science, politics and society, which have been employed by philosophers, historians and sociologists of science in the last decades. The scholars involved come from different national backgrounds. Their contribution to the understanding of the relationship between science and society has produced different theoretical and empirical models of the way in which science interact with society in their respective national realities. In this stage of the project we ask them to direct their efforts towards the understanding of the correlation between national and international research policies. Capitalising on the knowledge acquired during the first stage, the second part divides further into two steps. The first consists of practical applications of the studied models to the dynamic of the relationship between science and society in different EU member states policies. Once a clear view of how different attempts at democratising the decision-making process in science and technology policy function in individual members of the EU, we rely on the expertise acquired to take a normative stance, i.e. to suggest sound research policies for an European knowledge-based society. The project will be carried out through seminars involving the scholars of the group and a Conference open to a wider audience. We intend to provide dissemination of results through the creation of a website and the publication of the Conference Proceedings. As we work in a Education Department, we will involve schools in order to contribute to a real participation to the understanding of the role of science in the building of a shared European identity.

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