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A multistakeholder dialogue providing inputs to implement the European Code of Conduct for Nanosciences & Nanotechnologies (N&N) research


The project objective is the definition and development of a framework enabling the successful integration and implementation at European level and beyond, of the Code of Conduct (CoC) for responsible N&N research defined by the EC. This will be done by: • identifying and consulting stakeholders (scientific, institutional, industrial and Civil society organisations) to explore knowledge, attitudes, reactions and proposals in relation to the CoC • assessing the most relevant codes of conducts, voluntary measures and practices for a responsible technology development, regarding in first place N&N R&D, already defined or under study ; • proposing criteria and indicators of “good practices” to implement the CoC; • basing on identified criteria and indicators, defining and testing a practical tool for the assessment of performances for the application of the CoC (“CodeMeter”) • selecting a set of incentives and disincentives to stimulate the adoption of the CoC; • identifying future regulatory, policy and research needs in order to integrate foresight oriented aspects in further developments of the CoC. • designing of a CoC MasterPlan enabling the implementation and integration of the CoC, including future changes, best practices, incentives/disincentives and performance criteria for the adoption of the CoC. The project outcomes will support the EC, EU policy makers and stakeholders in the implementation of the European CoC and it will also help the EC to prepare the second CoC review (beginning 2012). The engagement of stakeholders in the debate will help to increase awareness on the CoC and in shaping its content to the stakeholders’ needs and expectations, making it a more accepted, concrete and practical instrument for decision-making in N&N R&D.

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