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Systematic Analysis of Gene Synergies to Discover Drug Synergies


Using multitherapeutics against disease is a promising direction in medicine. A particularly useful drug combination is a synergistic drug pair, where two drugs administered together produce a collective effect better than the added independent effects of both. Since drug interaction screening is an expensive experiment, most synergistic drug pairs are found by serendipity. In this proposal, we describe a research plan which aims to develop predictive tools for drug synergy. During the proposed research, drug pairs with synergistic antifungal activity will be discovered. A preliminary study has shown that these predictive tools are likely to succeed. The results of the proposed research will lead to a better understanding of drug interactions and their potential in medicine.

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Orta Mahalle Universite Caddesi N 27 Tuzla
34956 Istanbul

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Higher or Secondary Education Establishments
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Zeynep Birsel
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€ 75 000