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Systemic Action for Gender Equality


GEP Implementation Guidelines

Guidelines for the implementation of Gender Equality Plans

Change Management Process Model

Change management process model for GEP implementation

List of members of the Advisory Board

A full list of the members of the SAGE Advisory Board, to be updated periodically throughout the project if necessary due to changes in membership.

Template for gender data

Template for the collection of gender-disaggregated secondary data, for use by the implementing partners.

GEP Template

Template for the creation of Gender Equality Plans

Primary data collection tools

Common data collection tools will be distributed among partners, including a questionnaire survey, focus group discussion points and an interview checklist, as well as data-monitoring templates.

Implementation Review Report

A review of the progress of implementation in each of the implementing partner institutions

Audit Guidelines

Guidelines will be developed for the conduct of audits of internal procedures and practices, to identify any existing gender bias at the organisational level.

Implementation Plans

All implementing partners will draw up plans for GEP implementation, specific and targeted to the needs of their own institution.

Review of gender certifications

Review report examining existing gender certification and awards schemes.

Mapping of evaluation tools

Mapping of tools for the evaluation of Gender Equality Plans

'The Gender Sensitive Institution' Education Pack

Guidelines, gender course modules, a gender and organisational change course, and associated materials from WP6 will be collected and streamlined, and a composite course package will be designed. A website will be developed to host and disseminate it.

SAGE Wheel

SAGE Wheel model for Gender Equality Plans

SAGE Charter

SAGE Charter of Principles for Gender Equality

SAGE website, social media and promotional material

A project website, webpages on partners' websites, and SAGE social media accounts and promotional material will be developed. These will be updated periodically until the end of the CSA.

Online resource library

An online resource library to provide useful information regarding the creation and implementation of GEPs.

SAGE Ribbon and Leaflet

The “SAGE Ribbon” will consist of a pin supporting GEPs not only in the Universities involved but also in other Universities wishing to be involved in the process. It will be distributed with a leaflet explaining the aim and meaning of wearing the SAGE ribbon as well as links to SAGE websites and social networks.

Adapted GEPs

Revised GEPs, modified and updated in response to the findings of the Review Report, D5.2.


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