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Transforming fly ash waste from coal-fired power plants into lightweight engineered sand for multiple applications


Established in 2012, ZaaK Technologies GmbH is an eco-innovative SME, dedicated to the development and exploitation of technologies which recycle industrial wastes into value added products.
Over the past 3 years, we have developed and demonstrated a multiple award winning patent-pending technology which transforms fly ash, a waste product from coal-fired power plants, into value-added lightweight engineered sand, called ZaaK™Sand, which is in accordance with harmonized technical specifications DIN EN 4226-3, DIN EN 13139, and DIN EN 15033-1/2.
ZaaK™Sand is a superior and cost-effective alternative to natural sand, crushed stones, and lightweight fine aggregates, for use in the manufacture of advanced building and construction materials, and in certain niche applications like horticulture and hydroponic applications.
Replacing normal sand with ZaaK™Sand in buildings leads to:
(a) improving thermal efficiency by up to 500%
(b) reducing dead-load by up to 12% resulting in savings of energy intensive materials such as cement and steel
(c) increase life of buildings by up to 2 times due to a phenomenon called, internal curing
ZaaK™Sand aim is to arrest the depletion of dwindling natural sources of sand and thereby reduce destruction of precious ecosystem impacted by sand mining. It also addresses the economic and socio-environmental problems associated with the disposal of fly ash.
Our key objectives within the project timeframe are:
• To build an Integrated Pilot Plant (IPP) to produce ZaaK™Sand for customers in our introductory markets.
• To use the IPP to further optimise the manufacturing process.
• To use the IPP as a demonstration showcase, to disseminate and communicate the project results, and to attract new customers and investors.
Our objective is to enter the market in 2020, through a build, own and operate model, contract manufacturing and joint ventures with power plants and construction material companies.

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