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Unified DR interoperability framework enabling market participation of active energy consumers


Plan for the deployment of the DRIMPAC solution and required equipment to pilot premises

A deployment plan based on: a) the building requirements, b) the DEDMF requirements, c) the deployment strategy, and d) the required procurement and installation activities. Associated Task: T4.4

Pilot activity preparation checklist

This report will include include requirements (e.g. permissions, RFP regulations) and estimated timelines for the prerequisites satisfaction so as to facilitate timely preparation of the pilot sites that may operate under different regulatory, legal, cultural and market frameworks. Associated Task: T4.1

Report on activities for the definition and promotion of DRIMPAC standardization punch-list v.1

This document will define the standardization punch-lists, the concrete proposal for standards extensions that would be required in order to enable the benefits of the DRIMPAC system and overall approach. A preliminary version will be prepared on M18. Associated Task: T5.1

Demand Response stakeholder requirements for the DRIMPAC solution

This report will capture the business cases and requirements of all DR stakeholders holistically so as to accurately set the context for the creation of the DRIMPAC solution. Associated Task: T1.3

Report on establishment and recruitment activities for the User Group and Stakeholder Ecosystem

This document will report the actions taken by the consortium and their results on the establishing the “User Group” and “Stakeholder Ecosystem” communities. Associated Task: T1.1

Policy/market reform recommendations report v.1

Recommendations regarding policy/regulation as well as market structures in order to create a friendlier environment for the adoption of DRIMPAC results to enhance active participation of energy consumers in markets and the proliferation of interoperable building automation technologies. First version. Associated Task: T5.3

DRIMPAC technical specifications and system architecture

This deliverable will contain the concrete technical specifications for the DRIMPAC IT system and its detailed system and software architecture. Plans for integration, testing and pre-validation deployment will be specified. Associated Task: T1.4

Performance Measurement & Verification methodology report

This deliverable will include a comprehensive Performance Measurement Verification methodology that will guide all pilot demonstration and validation activities of WP4 Associated Task T15

Analysis of standards and protocols in the building automation and demand response domains

This document will provide an analysis on existing standards and protocols with the aim to identify their suitability or potential limitations to support the deployment and operation DRIMPAC business models Associated Task T21

Ex-ante analysis and baseline estimation for pilot premises

A report on the preevaluation deployment and data gathering activities aiming to establish the proper onsite operation of the system and estimate the baseline at the pilot sites Associated Task T46

Innovative energy retailer business model proposal and market analysis

This deliverable will comprise an investigation of the existing offerings and business models of energy retailers and competitive entities, such as aggregators, and propose innovative business models including feedback from the Stakeholder Ecosystem. Associated Task: T1.2

Report on activities for engaging and training pilot participants and related material

This document will report the actions undertaken for the recruitment and preparation of the citizens who will participate in the pilot validation activities. Associated Task T4.2

DRIMPAC dissemination and communication plan and associated material v.3

This report is the second update of the Dissemination and Communication Plan DCP describing the projects strategy activities and implementation instruments including training activities Associated Task T61

DRIMPAC branding, website and social media channels

Project branding as the forerunner to ensure a distinctive, attractive identity in all communication tools to be produced including: project logo, website graphic design templates, banners, leaflets, etc. Project website and social media channels establishment. Associated Task: T6.1

DRIMPAC dissemination and communication plan and associated material v.2

This report is the first update of the Dissemination and Communication Plan (DCP) describing the project’s strategy, activities and implementation instruments including training activities. Associated Task: T6.1

DRIMPAC dissemination and communication plan and associated material v.1

D6.2 DRIMPAC dissemination and communication plan and associated material

DRIMPAC Common Information Model and Ontology

This deliverable will report the ontology based common information model developed in the project and its mapping to DR relevant standards like OpenADR and OneM2M Associated Task T22


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El prosumidor eléctrico será el actor principal en el sistema del futuro

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