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Innovative products by using tanned sturgeon skin


"STURSKIN was born as a desire to develop innovative techniques with less environmental impact for the enhancement of a
new unique skin. Newport values a by-product, skin of sturgeon, otherwise disposed of, making it a high value-added
product: waste is transformed into a resource with high added value.
The innovative tanning process, which has already made it possible to obtain finished skins on a pilot scale, combines
particular techniques with use of natural tanning products, in order to obtain the tanning of a very delicate skin. The control of
the internal conditions of the tanning drum is a fundamental requirement for the success of the tanning, and after years of
research the ""right recipe"" has been identified.
Newport has succeeded in obtaining a unique, inimitable artificial leather, which as such is destined to find a place in the
very high-quality fashion. Uniqueness is the market driver in high-end fashion, and Newport intends to address this segment.
Sturgeon skin should be used for the production of unique pieces, with a very high added value. The bone plates give the
skin a unique design and appearance, which has already proved highly attractive for different stylists. The main use of this
skin will be in the production of objects (for example key rings), wallets and bags.
Newport intention was to look for raw skins that did not derive from the selective breeding of species destined for the
production of leather as primary purpose, but which are by-products of other industries that normally disposed them of. After
years of research, the focus has been on skin of sturgeons, which are bred for the production of the precious caviar. Once
the eggs have been removed, the remains of the fish are eliminated with a cost for caviar companies.
Newport has considered the skin of the sturgeon to be very interesting, which has very specific bony plates on the back, with
absolutely unique and inimitable designs."

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