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Okres sprawozdawczy: 2020-07-01 do 2021-06-30

The constant increase of electrical and electronic waste represents a problem that requires radical solutions: in 2019, about 350,000 tons of WEEE were collected, 53 million tons were produced worldwide, and it is estimated that in 2030 they will be exceeded the 74 million tons. a huge problem of waste disposal but also of recovery of recyclable materials and new raw materials.
The demand for copper is ever increasing now, following the COVID-19 pandemic where the need to electrify and upgrade remote communication systems has become comparable to oil. this has also produced an increase in the price of this metal. Even more reason to find valid solutions to the recovery of metals in WEEE waste.
For society it is important to valorise scraps and waste and recover materials that can be reused, in the perspective of the circular economy. it is important to transform waste into value, it is important to reduce co2 emissions into the atmosphere for the production of new raw materials or for mining.
With our MRP project we wanted to summarize all these needs by reconciling a compact plant, which recycles all metals with 99% purity, with low energy and management costs, versatile and multi-product, which requires a sustainable investment, and whose point of strength are the grinding systems that do not include blades but super resistant tools that work continuously for 500 hours without having to be replaced. and not to be underestimated also with the possibility of providing the 4-storey tower structure for those who do not have a shed available.
The program was fully carried out, leading to the construction of 2 pilot plants. One at the Guidetti srl headquarters, one at an authorized customer who works continuously and has provided a lot of data for setting the system and for checking the results.
2 plants that can be visited and where it is possible to carry out tests with customer samples.
Unfortunately, COVID-19 has changed our plans, in fact we have not been able to make the inaugurations as we would have liked, nor to bring this innovation to trade fairs all over the world as we had planned and booked.
Despite this we have found a way to exploit and disseminate the MRP project on many alternative channels to fairs and visits. website, social networks, advertising campaigns, dedicated portals, and above all remote tests. many customers sent us samples and we filmed the tests and passed them on to the customer. We also had 4 visits with potential customers to the pilot plant at the authorized customer, that we plan to transform into orders for at least 1 MRP lines in Switzerland.
Following this new dissemination system, we had 16 requests for offers.
We do not resign ourselves to the fact of not being able to carry out events aimed at hosting potential live customers, and we have hypothesized to do a series of open houses starting from October 2021, if the pandemic restrictions do not stop us. Otherwise we will continue to divulge with those placed at our disposal that they are becoming a very effective system anyway.
The realization of this project has opened up new perspectives for us, because in addition to completing all the actions we had set for ourselves, we have also been able to open new collaborations with suppliers, expand the commercial network, get new information on the materials to be recycled.
Once the systems were built, we carried out continuous tests and extreme tests to obtain the maximum result of the line.
The authorized customer confirmed that the MRP system is considerably better and not comparable to other systems on the market, totally innovative and functional, which keeps all the promises made at the beginning, both in terms of wear and energy consumption, ease of use. use and purity of recycled materials. therefore, the socio-economic impact is very strong.
Those who were able to visit the plant in operation were impressed by the efficiency, compactness and functioning.
Incentives from governments to recover industrial waste could help spread this type of plant, but even without this, we believe the MRP system will take hold quickly and around the world.
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MRP authorised customer