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Test Infrastructure and Accelerator Research Area


The main objective of TIARA (Test Infrastructure and Accelerator Research Area) is the integration of national and international accelerator R&D infrastructures into a single distributed European accelerator R&D facility. This will include the implementation of organisational structures to enable the integration of existing individual infrastructures, their efficient operation and upgrades, and the construction of new infrastructures as part of TIARA.
TIARA will enable full exploitation of the complementary features and expertise of the individual member infrastructures, maximizing the benefits for both the owners of these infrastructures and their users. This unique distributed facility will also support the development of an integrated R&D programme embracing the needs of many different fields, as well as medical and industrial sectors, both on technical and human resource aspects.
Besides a world-level state-of-the-art distributed R&D facility, TIARA will develop means for establishing and supporting joint accelerator R&D programming, joint education and training programmes and strengthened collaboration with industry.
TIARA-PP will deliver a sustainable coordinated European framework for the benefit of
- the different fields of science, which need state-of-the-art and/or cost effective accelerators to carry out their research programme
- the implementation of the accelerator-based infrastructures identified in the ESFRI roadmap
- the different partners (national laboratories, universities, industry) to develop joint projects and exchange expertise on state-of-the-art technologies
- European countries to invest and develop their own infrastructures and research centres as parts of TIARA, within an established Europe-wide coordination framework.
- Europe as a whole to ensure world-level leadership in the field of accelerator science and to enable coordinated and efficient means for its regionally balanced scientific and technological development.

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